Friday, August 20, 2010

Can't Wait to See You!

Most of the time, many couples choose not to see each other before the ceremony in order to keep the tradition of “The first look” or ”Surprise”. But lately more couples are breaking this rule and getting a sneaking peek of each other before the nuptials.

I think this is great, because allows the couple to have some private moment with each other before the “I do’s” and at the same time allows you to get some great pictures beforehand. This is always a good idea to save time, because wedding day will go so fast!


  1. This put a big smile on my face! Beautiful!

  2. I like to talk to couples about the pros and ons of seeing each other beforehand. Almost always, the couple decides to see each other prior to the ceremony. I tell the brides, "You can still have your ' moment of WOW' when he sees you for the first time. It doesn't have to be when you come down the aisle."